The Youth Animal Rescue Initiative

About YARI

The Youth Animal Rescue Initiative (YARI) is a group of passionate and confident young activists who strive to provide support for animal rescues while empowering young leaders. Through extensive education in what it means to be an activist, we aim to give our members the skills they need to make positive changes in their communities and the world. YARI members will learn fundraising, outreach, and leadership techniques while actively supporting California animal rescues. Our goal is to make a positive impact on the communities we live in while educating the future activists of the world!

Are you a young animal lover?

YARI members receive invaluable education in animal rescue/advocacy, fundraising, and leadership that will carry them far in their futures. With hands-on experience participating in and hosting events, members are given the opportunity to develop strong leadership skills and hone their confidence while having a direct, positive impact on their communities. 

Dollars Raised Since March 2023

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Are you a rescue looking to partner?

Our mission is to support animal rescues throughout California. If you are part of an organization that could benefit from YARI’s program, please fill out our rescue application!

Upcoming Events

Melrose Trading Post Poster

Yari Team Picnic

Saturday, June 15th at 11am

At Virginia Park, YARI is celebrating the amazing work of its volunteers and members from this past year! Please sign up on Remind! (High School Students Only)