The Youth animal rescue initiative


A student-run organization with a mission to support local animal rescues.

Supporting Local Rescues Through

Adoption Events

Our in-person adoption events allow our members to connect with and make a difference in our community. We are most frequently found at various farmers markets.


We primarily support our rescue partners through fundraising. Most of our events feature unique, handmade items and merchandise for sale to support this goal.


Through graphic design, social media promotion, and other forms of content, we spread awareness about adoptable pets and other animal related issues.

Educating the Next Generation of Animal Advocates

Through extensive education in what it means to be an activist, YARI members receive the skills they need to make a difference in the lives of animals.

Are You a Young Animal Lover?

Here are some reasons that you should join us in our mission to help rescue animals:

  • Meet like-minded people at events and programs
  • Gain the skills needed to organize your own events and fundraisers 
  • Work closely with animal organizations and businesses
  • Earn letters of rec for organizing your own projects

What Our Members Have To Say About YARI

My experience as a member of YARI is by far amazing. Volunteering on Sundays or helping with face paint to raise funds for rescues has to be my favorite part. I don’t think there has ever been a time where I didn’t enjoy my time with everyone here, not only have I gained experience with working with animals but I also gained lots of new friends. YARI isn’t just an organization but it’s a community where everyone is welcomed and shares the same love for helping rescues.
Member Since September 2023
YARI has provided me with so many amazing leadership opportunities, including helping to run a recruitment event. I love that there are many ways to get involved, such as participating in adoption events and fundraisers, as well as doing smaller tasks. You really can help animals in so many ways!
Member Since January 2024
"Ever since my first YARI event, the people there were more than welcoming and were very kind. The events are very organized and the members put a lot of effort to make sure that everything runs smoothly. I have overall learned so much from this experience and it allowed me to meet new people and make new friends!"
Member Since April 2024

Join Us Today!

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